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Granite is igneous rock, formed in a molten state, 280 to 500 million years old. Primarily composed of feldspar, quartz and lesser amounts of dark minerals, granite is heavy and very hard. It is used for both interior and exterior projects. Granite requires only light maintenance.

Limestone is sedimentary rock, 190 million years old with tight-grained appearance. While relatively soft, limestone weathers well. It is much more porous than marble and therefore needs some special attention putting it in the medium to light category for maintenance. Interior and exterior use with exceptions.

Marble is metamorphic Rock, 25 to 300 million years old. In its current definition, marble is any decorative stone other than granite or onyx that takes a polish. The word marble comes from the Greek word marmores which means glistening. Marble is a limestone that has crystallized due to a geological metamorphism over a period of time ranging from 25 to 300 million years. It requires medium to light maintenance and can be used indoors or out with exceptions.

Slate is metamorphic rock, fine-grained, derived from clays and more often, shale. It is 100 to 200 million years old. Slate is medium to heavy in durability and requires light maintenance. Depending on the type it can be used indoors or out.

Travertine is sedimentary rock, ivory to golden brown colored limestone formed over eons (190 million years) by precipitation of calcium carbonate in hot mineral springs. It has a sponge-like texture with up to ½ inch holes. These cavities are frequently filled with corresponding cement or epoxy. Durability is medium to heavy and light to medium maintenance. Travertine is softer than most marbles.

Onyx is sedimentary rock, 150 to 200 million years old. Onyx is an agate-like stone formed when dissolved minerals precipitate in cold mineral springs. Often translucent with a layered look, it is extremely beautiful and regularly used in bathrooms and bars.

This concludes your geological lesson for today.

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